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For the convenience of our users, we have created links to several web sites that provide additional information about heart-related conditions, nutrition, exercise, and holistic therapies. We believe these sites to be particularly educational. If you have a favorite web site that you feel may be appropriate, please let us know.
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    American College of Cardiology
Well respected as a professional organization for cardiovascular physicians, the American College of Cardiology Web site contains a wealth of information about heart related conditions and therapies including the latest research and guidelines for care.
    American Heart Association
The official web site of the American Heart Association is an excellent resource for the public and healthcare professionals. It contains practical information about the prevention and treatment of heart disease and stroke including the most up-to-date research on a whole host of heart and vascular related conditions.
This site provides terrific, well organized information about the heart and heart disease. The content is written to be understandable by even those who aren’t familiar with medical terminology. Excellent graphics throughout also make this a site worth visiting.
    The Heart
An excellent resource for general heart related information. While this site encourages you to become a member, you can simply click on “Learn about the heart” and go directly to their educational content.
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    Alternative Health News Online
Hosted by journalist Frank Grazian, this newzy site is an excellent source for the latest information. The site is updated daily with the most recent research on holistic approaches to the care of medical conditions as well as providing up-to-date information about supplements, vitamins, and their potential interactions.
    Alternative Medicine Home Page
Developed by the University of Pittsburgh, this site provides links to a multitude of databases (free and fee-based), as well as other integrative medicine resources. The site has had real staying power and is regularly updated.
    American Holistic Nurses Association
Serving as a resource guide to its members and other nursing professionals, this Web site promotes holistic care among nurses. It also provides information on where to find the latest research and publications in holistic nursing as well.
    Ask Dr. Weil
Dr. Weil is well known in the popular literature for his contribution to complementary and alternative medicine. His site is well organized with excellent advice about living a healthier, more fulfilling life. Dr. Weil offers frequent updates with daily tips, self-help suggestions, and offers his own 8 week program to better health. You can also sign-up for a free weekly bulletin.
    GNC Health Notes
Affiliated with GNC retail stores, this portion of the site provides useful information on holistic therapies for a wide variety of health conditions. In order to access this portion of the web site click on Healthnotes under the search engine. Make sure to explore the nice section on special diets. It also contains a tool to track interactions between drugs and herbal supplements.
    National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
NCCAM is a clinical center within the National Institutes of Health. This site offers outstanding consumer information on herbal supplements and holistic therapies. Well done fact sheets provide answers to many of the common questions pertaining to vitamin and herbal supplements. The site also includes the latest research on complementary therapies and herbal supplements and vitamins.
    The American Holistic Health Association
This site is a valuable general resource surrounding the issues of holistic health. The site contains information about holistic therapies and serves as a resource for connecting individuals seeking holistic care with practitioners.
    Wellness Web
Wellness is a worthy pursuit for all of us. This site helps you make decisions about your own wellness by providing useful information on a great variety of health related topics focusing on staying well and maintaining good health. The site also provides some introductory information on alternative therapies and supplements.
This site states that it is dedicated to providing the best in complementary and alternative medicine. It covers a wide range of topics with introductory information on holistic therapies and supplements for a whole host of medical conditions. You can also find a complementary or alternative medicine practitioner in your area.
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    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Found within the Web site for the Centers for Disease Control, the Diabetes Public Health Resource site provides up-to-date information on diabetes. The site home page contains cover stories on the latest research. Within the site is information about the National Diabetes Education Program, diabetes FAQs, publications, and conferences.
From the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, this site provides an excellent link to government sponsored health information. By using an easy search feature, you can locate selected information on a wide variety of topics about healthy living and medical conditions.
    National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute is one of many “Institutes” that make up the National Institutes of Health. This site contains a whole host of resources providing the latest information on heart related conditions.
    National Institutes of Health Information
The NIH Health Information page provides access to the NIH consumer health information resources including publications, clearinghouses, and databases.
    National Library of Medicine
This is a gateway site to help consumers find health and human services information quickly. Using Medline, the world’s most extensive collection of published medical information, topics are organized by subject and can be easily retrieved. Originally designed for health professionals and researchers., Medline is also ideal for students and those seeking more specific or technical information about health conditions and treatment. Once a fee-based service, Medline is now free. PubMed provides direct web links between Medline abstracts and the publishers of the original full-text articles.
This is an amusing site that examines “health fraud, quackery and intelligent decisions” in the world in which we live. There is plenty to read and you can also contribute your own experiences!
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    American College of Nutrition
This organization was established in 1959 as a professional association to promote scientific endeavor in the field of nutritional sciences. The Web site is intended to serve as a resource to its members and non-members interested in nutritional science.
    American Dietetic Association
This site is a terrific resource for nutritional education as well as serving as the organization’s web site communicating to its members. Even if you are not a member, there is still a bountiful amount of great information free to the public.
    American Obesity Association
Dedicated to education, research and community action, the American Obesity Association provides useful information including fact sheets on obesity, which affects more than one third of all adults.
    Calorie Control Council
Perhaps the introduction to this site says it best, “If you’re looking for information on cutting calories and fat in your diet, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, or your favorite low-calorie, reduced fat goods and beverages…you’ve come to the right place!” The site contains useful information on losing weight, counting calories and physical fitness.
    Food and Nutrition Center
This is a government sponsored site from the US Department of Agriculture. The information is intended for consumer use and is presented in a very user friendly style. This is a terrific resource for just about anything related to nutrition.
    Food Safety and Nutrition
This site is worth knowing about. It is a government sponsored site that provides the most up-to-date information about food safety warnings and information about food safety in general.
    Health Status
Health Status provides a wide variety of useful health calculators to assess your health status and provide information about how you can change your habits to lower your risk. One such calculator allows you to calculate your individual calorie requirements.
    Healthy Fridge
This is a nicely done consumer site about healthy eating and health in general. It provides recipe suggestions for heart healthy eating and you can even undergo Mike Ditka’s Fridge Makeover!
    National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary Supplements
Not long ago, the NIH formed the Office of Dietary Supplements. This site provides information on sponsored conferences and recent publications as well as ongoing research. This site also serves as an important resource for individuals seeking government funding for research in the area of dietary supplements.
This government sponsored site is very well done and comprehensive. Learn about the food pyramid, nutrient recommendations for health and disease, and government sponsored food assistance programs. This is a great resource for the latest research on nutrition as well.
    Soy Foods
Soy protein has recently gained government approval to claim possible benefits in the prevention of coronary heart disease. Check out this site to learn more about soy protein and its role in everyday nutrition.
    Talk Soy
Want to learn more about the benefits of soy in your diet? Need some good recipes using soy protein? How about the latest research on soy? This is a great site worth giving a look.
Need a great recipe that’s good for you too? Ucook has something for everyone. By using an easy search feature, you can locate recipes for healthy eating as well as other good nutrition tips.
Need a good vegetarian recipe? Here is a useful site loaded with vegetarian recipes and information.
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    American Botanical Council
Need information about a wide variety of herbs? The American Botanical Council Web site is newly updated with information on countless herbs, their uses and interactions.
    American Herbalists Guild
This site is mainly intended as a resource to members and those considering joining the American Herbalists Guild. However, it does provide useful information about local symposiums and conferences supported by this organization.
    Consumer Labs
Consumer Labs provides independent test results and information to help consumers and healthcare professionals evaluate health, wellness, and nutrition products. Those that pass testing requirements are allowed to bear the “CL” seal of approval. The site provides the latest test results on their home page, but you can also search their database for previously performed test results on a wide variety of products.
    Food and Drug Administration
The latest safety advisories, drug approvals, and general information about a whole host of topics are available on this government sponsored site. The site even provides advice about purchasing drugs online.
    Herb Research Foundation
The Herb Research Foundation claims to be “world’s first and foremost source of accurate, science-based information on the health benefits and safety of herbs---and expertise in sustainable botanical resource development.” Consider this site a useful resource for scientifically based herbal news and research.
This site is essentially a very informative, interactive electronic herbal database that provides access to the scientific data underlying the use of herbs for health. The content provided is evidence-based and serves as a useful resource for professionals, researchers, and the general public.
    Medical Herbalism
Looking for a good resource for Web links regarding herbs, herbal products and therapies? This site lists numerous links.
    Micronutrient Index
Contained within the large site known as “About”, the Micronutrient Index is a great resource for information on vitamins, minerals, amino acids and carbohydrates. The site also contains a wealth of other nutrition related information.
    Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database
This is the most comprehensive and best referenced site for herbal supplements. The site is easy to use. Information regarding each supplement includes its uses, proposed mechanisms, potential interactions with other herbs and drugs, as well as laboratory test interactions. There are also text and PDA versions available. Unfortunately, use of the site does require a yearly fee which in this case is well worth it.
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    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the lead federal agency for protecting the health and safety of people. One of many sections of their Web site focuses on the promotion of healthy nutrition and physical activity.
  Changing Shape
This interactive web site is an excellent resource for providing you with all the information, tools, and support you need to achieve your personal health and fitness goals. The site includes nutrition and exercise planners tailored specifically for you. Check it out!
    Fitness Online
This is more than just good fitness advice, the site also contains great wellness information on a wide variety of topics including healthy living, reducing your stress, and weight loss.
    Global Fitness
This is a great site that provides information about achieving and maintaining fitness. There is specific information about cardiovascular health, strength training, flexibility, and weight control.
    Shape Up America!
Need a fitness program? Here is a great site that can help you achieve your goals. You can calculate your body fat, set your target weight, and be on your way to optimal physical fitness.
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    Aromatherapy Internet Resources
While this site is very basic in design, it serves as an excellent resource locator for information on the Web about aromatherapy.
    The Guide to Aromatherapy
This simple site provides a state-by-state listing of suppliers and practitioners of aromatherapy.
    The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy
NAHA is an educational, nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing public awareness of the benefits of true aromatherapy. This site provides trusted information on the use of aromatherapy products for healthy living, as well as serving as a resource to the members of this professional association.
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Providing a useful introduction to Ayurveda, this site introduces you to the concepts of Ayurveda. Interesting health assessment questionnaires are also included regarding general health and obesity.
    Discover Ayurveda
Described as an “online Ayurvedic magazine for the new millennium, this comprehensive site is well done providing a wealth of information regarding Ayurvedic medicine, its use in health and disease. You may also wish to prescribe to their newsletter.
    Mind Xpansion
This is a useful site describing the fundamentals of Ayurveda as well as including a large collection of articles describing the use of Ayurveda in a whole host of conditions. Frequent updates are provided along with a newsletter.
    The National Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine
Dr. Scott Gerson founded the National Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine (NIAM) in 1982. His Web site contains a broad array of information on Ayurveda as well as the promotion of the organization’s retreats and online learning programs.
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    The Academy for Guided Imagery
This site serves as an education tool for those unfamiliar with guided imagery or for those who wish to seek additional information including practitioners in their area.
    The Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback
This site serves as a resource to the membership of AAPB, but also provides information on the latest research in biofeedback as well as listing upcoming conferences on this topic.
    The Mind Body Medical Institute
This is an excellent, comprehensive Web site providing valuable information on the use of mind body therapies in health and disease. The site contains the latest research on mind body therapies, describes upcoming conferences and also promotes educational resources for those wishing to become more familiar with the principles and techniques of these techniques.
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    Religion Religions Religious Studies
Need to know more about a specific religion? This site serves as a resource describing a wide variety of different religions and well as providing links to additional information regarding religion.
    Spirituality & Health
This is an excellent, comprehensive Web site providing information about spirituality with a particular focus on spirituality as a part of healthy living.
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  Abbott Northwestern Hospital
Abbott Northwestern Hospital is the largest hospital in the Minneapolis – St. Paul metropolitan area. While the hospital serves the primary care needs of the surrounding community, the majority of the patients come from around the state seeking tertiary referral services in a wide variety of specialties. The cardiovascular program is recognized as one of the top ten centers for cardiovascular care in the United States. Abbott Northwestern provides a full-scale cardiovascular program that includes prevention, early detection and treatment of heart diseases.
  Arizona Heart Institute
The Arizona Heart Institute(AHI) is a multi-specialty outpatient facility dedicated to the prevention, detection, and treatment of cardiovascular disorders. AHI has the distinction of being the nation's first freestanding outpatient clinic built solely to combat heart disease and specializes in today's most advanced non-surgical interventional therapies that replace traditional scalpel and suture treatment for heart and blood vessel disease.
  Minneapolis Heart Institute
The cardiovascular care and heart disease management programs of the Minneapolis Heart Institute(MHI) and Abbott Northwestern Hospital are dedicated to providing patients and their families with excellence in cardiovascular care. The website of the Minneapolis Heart Institute provides an introduction to their physicians, as well as provides an overview of many of the tests performed at MHI for the assessment of cardiovascular disease.
    Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation
The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation was established in 1982 by physician members of the Minneapolis Heart Institute, Abbott Northwestern Hospital and community and state leaders within Minnesota. The Foundation seeks to improve cardiovascular health through education and clinical research. Their website includes valuable information about cardiovascular disease and its prevention. Heart risk can also be assessed through an interactive questionnaire. Kids can also have fun with interactive questions and answers about heart disease.
  Salus Heart and Wellness
Salus Health and Wellness is located at the picturesque and relaxing Rancho Bernardo Inn, less than 25 miles north of downtown San Diego in Rancho Bernardo. Salus Heart and Wellness provides a balanced and personalized cardiac wellness program that integrates both traditional and complementary medicine practices. These on-site programs last from 2-4 days and provide you with a detailed assessment of the status of your cardiovascular health and then use this information to design a lifestyle management program tailored specifically toward your needs. The staff at Salus Heart and Wellness will help you choose what works best for you from the vast array of standard medical options and natural modalities, including diet and nutrition, yoga, meditation, exercise and massage.
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Well known as a huge online store providing an endless variety of products, Amazon.com offers everything from books to fountains for the person interested in holistic care and healthy living.
Drugstore.com is a very user friendly Web site for online shopping of health and health-related products. It contains an excellent selection of vitamins, minerals and herbs.

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