Eating Styles: What Works Introduction Dietary Guidelines - A World View Evaluating Eating Styles Ayurvedic Homeopathy Macrobiotic Diets Mediterranean Magic Takes More Than Just Olive Oil Traditional Chinese Medicine Flavor and Seasonal Food Categories Vegetarian Eating - Nuts About Veggies The Young and the Meatless Older Adults How to Eat Well When You're not Motivated Introduction In this section we will compare and contrast a variety of eating styles from around the world and across the centuries.  Almost any system of food choices can be adapted to provide optimal nutri- tion for your own individual needs.  The challenge is in learning enough about a particular system to understand the subtleties.  We'll also look at age- related differences that affect nutritional needs. Food and food choices, are deeply rooted in cul- tural systems. Within a given culture, values and food choices seem reasonable and make sense in that context.  What seems to be logical, sensible, important, and reasonable in one culture, may seem stupid, irrational and unimportant to an out- sider.  For these reasons, be cautious about mak- ing moral judgements on alternative eating styles. Think about the first time you sat face to face with a computer.  Many people were resistant to this new technology.  It was difficult to use, you didn't understand how it worked and it took a lot of prac- tice to get things right.  Once you had some train- ing, actually read the instruction manual or plead- ed with someone to show you what to do, things clicked.  This same process is important for understanding eating patterns from around the world. Throughout life, people everywhere need the same nutrients, though in different amounts at dif- ferent times.  Some health concerns are life long and other are particularly important at specific stages of life.  For example, we know that coro- nary heart disease develops slowly over time and learning healthy eating habits in childhood can decrease risk as an adult.
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